$4,000. 20 winners. Adventure awaits.

Ready to venture into unknown expanses of space and time? Another incredible opportunity awaits, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

We’re proud to be working with innovative launchpad engines, Equinox and Seedify, to launch Spark Era, the first self-developed Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) from Firework Games. To bring the event to life, we’re lining up something very special — and it’s all about getting up close and personal with the game’s unique Pass NFTs.

Pass NFTs carry special properties in the world of Spark Era’s gameplay. If you have one, you’ll get an advantage in the game, with higher tiers of Pass offering greater benefits.

Get your hands on an Eternal Envoy Pass, and you’ll have access to a legendary ship with 18 drive slots, plus an interstellar pet. You can purchase a legendary ship separately in the story, but pets are only obtainable through high-tier cards or as rare drops. Owning a high-tier Pass provides exclusive bonuses, such as ongoing store discounts, weekly loot box airdrops, and a special in-game title.

A Galaxy Pass will get you a 12-drive slot spaceship, a special NFT, and more, while a Star Pass gives you access to an 8-drive slot spaceship plus a five percent store discount and a rare loot box every week. I- and II-Type Crystal Passes are shortcuts to different spaceships for players with certain amounts of LSE assets. Take a look at more of the benefits here, or head over to OpenSea to buy a Pass now.

We’ve taken inspiration from Spark Era’s iconic Passes to create our next treasure hunt adventure. This time, Nox is taking the future of gaming into her hands, diving deep into the Spark Era universe to acquire and benefit from four special Passes: Eternal, Galaxy, Star, and I-Type Crystal. Thanks to Nox, these four Spark Era Passes will appear on the planet during the DJ set, as part of the live launch on 22nd December.

We’ll announce the start of the treasure hunt on the YT chat, and when it begins, all you’ll need to do is watch out for the Passes, remember the benefits, and answer a series of questions in our dedicated Google Form, which you can find here.

The form will be open for 30 minutes after the event, and when it closes, all correct entries will go into a lottery. From there, 20 lucky entrants will be selected to win a $200 allocation for Spark Era. We’ll get in touch with the winners through Telegram and/or Twitter. One allocation will be allowed per person.

Spark Era is an incredible project — a unique MMORPG and global metaverse game based in a stunning interstellar environment. The game’s ecosystem focuses on blockchain technology development, with GameFi and NFT game sovereign assets at its core. Players can embrace a range of different roles, from star citizens to pilots, with opportunities to build ships, take on battles, collect minerals, and so much more — all taking place within cruel camp confrontation under Dark Forest Law.

This legendary live launch sees the coming together of three unique entities for the first time, as Equinox joins forces with innovative blockchain launchpads, Seedify and Enjin Starter, to form a powerful alliance.

We can’t wait to work with Seedify, Enjin Starter, and our wonderful Equinauts to break new ground with another unforgettable live experience.

Find out more about SPARK ERA at:

Website | Twitter | Telegram

About Equinox

Autumn Equinox has passed. The time for a new non-fungible community-driven launchpad is upon us.

Find out more at:

Website | Twitter | Announcements | Telegram




A fresh start, a new dawn and an improved launchpad service is near. Expect excellence. . .

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A fresh start, a new dawn and an improved launchpad service is near. Expect excellence. . .

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