Aether Games x Equinox: Strategic Round — Bridging Traditional and Web3 Gaming

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Aether Games: Pioneering a New Era in Gaming and Entertainment

In the ever-evolving world of gaming, Aether Games stands out as a transmedia development studio, committed to crafting immersive experiences for both web2 and web3 audiences. With a vision to establish a comprehensive gaming franchise, Aether Games masterfully blends traditional gaming dynamics with blockchain technology and rich narrative content across various media.

Aether World: A Universe for Interoperable Assets

At the heart of Aether Games’ innovation is the use of NFTs, representing an array of in-game assets including creatures, adventurers, cards, crafting materials, consumables, and bloodline glyphs. These NFTs, securely stored on the blockchain, confer true ownership to the players, allowing them to earn, trade, and utilize these assets across various games within the Aether Games universe.

Aether: Trading Card Game — Redefining Collectible Experiences

A prime offering from Aether Games is the Aether: Trading Card Game. Leveraging blockchain technology, it is multi-chain but runs primarily on the Polygon network, supporting secure ownership and tradability of cards, tournament participation, and exclusive rewards.

Aether Saga — Venturing into Dark Fantasy

Aether Saga, a CGI 3D dark fantasy series, complements the gaming experience. It narrates the adventures of Holda and Einar, immersing viewers in the Aether world and demonstrating Aether Games’ commitment to narrative depth.

The Aether Games Team: Blending Diverse Expertise

The Aether Games team is a blend of seasoned professionals from game development, esports, entertainment, and CGI industries. Their collective portfolio includes work on high-profile titles like God of War, Far Cry 6, and Baldur’s Gate 3, as well as innovative Netflix shows like Love, Death & Robots. This diverse background positions Aether Games to craft a high-quality franchise.

AEG Token: The Bridge Between Web2 and Web3 Gaming

The AEG token is integral to the Aether universe, acting as a universal medium of exchange. This ERC-20 token, based on the Polygon network, serves multiple functions:

  • Crafting Material: Used to create customized in-game items. In Aether: Trading Card Game, these are used to craft plain cards into NFTs.
  • Staking in Aether Vault: Allows for token storage and management. Storing AEG tokens in the Vault provides rewards in the form of additional tokens, or exclusive NFTs.
  • Nesting within Heirlooms: Enhances heirlooms, a cross-game dynamic NFTs that grow over time, providing various passive benefits.
  • Payment Solution: Facilitates secure transactions within the Aether marketplace.

The AEG token not only connects traditional and web3 gaming but also allows for seamless conversion between traditional and web3 gaming assets.

Supply Breakdown & Vesting

The total supply of AEG tokens is 1 billion.


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1B) AEG

Equity Holders: 28M AEG (2.8%) at $0.0125

Seed: 150M AEG (15%) at $0.020

Strategic: 140M AEG (14%) at $0.032

KOL Round: 40M AEG (4%) at $0.035

Advance Round: 80M AEG (8%) at $0.040

Public IDO: 15M AEG (1.5%) at $0.045

Player Rewards: 170M AEG (17%)

Team: 70M AEG (7%)

Advisors: 35M AEG (3.5%)

Treasury: 70M AEG (7%)

Marketing: 70M AEG (7%)

Initial Liquidity: 12M AEG (1.2%)

CEX & Market Liquidity : 120M AEG (12%)


Equity Holders: 1 year cliff, 36 months linear vesting

Seed: 5% at TGE, 6 month cliff, 18 months linear vesting

Strategic: 10% at TGE, 4 month cliff, 12 months linear vesting

KOL Round: 25% at TGE, 3 month cliff, 9 months linear vesting.

Advance Round: 10% at TGE, 3 month cliff, 9 months linear vesting.

Public IDO: 25% at TGE, linear release for 5 months.

Player Rewards*: Contingent upon revenue benchmarks

Team: 1 year cliff, 60 months linear vesting

Advisors: 1 year cliff, 48 months linear vestingMarketing: 1% at TGE, 6 month cliff, 36 months linear vesting

Treasury: 1 year cliff, 48 months linear vesting

Marketing: 1% at TGE, 6 month cliff, 36 months linear vesting

Initial Liquidity: 100% at TGE

CEX & Market Liquidity : Discretionary unlock upon listings.

*The unlocking process of the Player Rewards pool is not tied to a specific date, but rather, it is triggered by a certain profit level. To elaborate, every AEG spent in the ecosystem is allocated to a pool designated for rewards, burning, liquidity, and further development. It is essential to note that this will not be inflationary; the amount unlocked from the rewards will always be less than what is being burned.


  • Initial Liquidity: $450K USD
  • Initial Circulating Supply: 27.55M AEG
  • Initial Market Cap: $1,239,750 USD
  • Noxstarter Strategic Sale: $200K USD for 6,250,000 AEG at $0.032 USD
  • Noxstarter Strategic Sale Vesting: 10% at TGE, 4 month cliff, 12 months linear vesting
  • Prefunding opens at Noxstarter: Tuesday, January 30, 10PM UTC
  • Prefunding Closes at Noxstarter: Friday, February 2, 5PM UTC
  • TGE (Token Generation Event) scheduled for February 28 at 13:00 UTC

Participating in Aether Games: Strategic Round Sale at Noxstarter

To participate in the Aether Games: Strategic Round sale at Noxstarter, interested individuals can gain access through:

Once you have secured your access to Noxstarter, head to the presale app, where the Aether Games tab will be avilable after 10pm UTC on January 30, and prefund your potential allocations via the Noxstarter platform.

Within Noxstarter’s system, the early bird gets the worm, so don’t wait to prefund and maximize your chances for getting extra allocation.

Note: You can use as much funds as you want to prefund your potential allocation. Our self-balancing system will determine your allocation at the end of the prefund period and allocate as much AEG to you as available, based on your tier access, lottery results, and distribution of any excess tokens on a FCFS basis. Your place in the queue determined by prefunding transaction’s timestamp will affect your eligibility for any initially unsold tokens.

Any excess funds not allocated to the bonus allocation will be refunded immediately after the sale concludes.

Learn more about our new and innovative participation system from our guide.

Claiming Your Purchased AEG in Aether Games

Aether Games has established a straightforward process for distributing AEG tokens to its users. This involves the use of a wrapped version of the AEG token (wAEG), which will be airdropped to participants.

Following the TGE, you will be able to visit Aether’s Claiming Portal to unwrap your wAEG tokens in accordance with the vesting schedule, to receive AEG. This process will happen on the Polygon network.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you through this process:

Receiving Your wAEG:

  • Airdrop of wAEG: After the sale concludes, your allocated wAEG tokens will be airdropped to your wallet on the Polygon network.
  • Unwrapping Your Tokens: During the TGE (Token Generation Event), you will be able to access Aether’s dedicated claim portal. This portal will allow you to unwrap your wAEG into AEG tokens. It’s important to note that the amount you can claim aligns with the vesting schedule outlined in the sale terms.

Adding Polygon Network to Metamask

Ensure that your Metamask wallet is configured for the Polygon network. Visit Polygon’s instructions page for easy-to-follow steps.

Adding wAEG as an Asset in Your Wallet

To view your wAEG balance, you need to add it as an asset in your wallet.

Visit Polygon’s Metamask guide and navigate to the “Adding Assets” section for simple step-by-step instructions.

The wrapped AEG contract address is 0xd31E99B72455dC526b56654B254EA07e3F889ed2.

This process is compatible with various wallets, including Metamask, Trust Wallet, and others, both on desktop and mobile.


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