An Introduction to FOTA: Mixed Reality Fantasy World That Offers Real Rewards

Equinauts, it’s time for another incredible project! We’ve been searching again for the latest in innovative, exciting, and unique projects to bring to our community, and this time, we’re launching Fight of the Ages (FOTA).

FOTA combines:

  • WebGL
  • AAA-level
  • Play-to-Earn
  • NFT Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)

Making for an incredible gameplay experience.

Let’s step into the arena and get up close and personal.

The Project

FOTA is unique as it is one of the first blockchain games to incorporate Microsoft Mesh into the gameplay for a more interactive experience. This allows players to connect to the FOTA Metaverse anytime, anywhere, with almost any device.

FOTA utilizes this technology alongside fantastic gameplay to bring players an unrivaled experience, transporting players into a fantasy universe inhabited by multiple races across three realms. Characters, items, lands, and more will all be NFT assets that can be traded on the FOTA Marketplace.

FOTA now has 18 Heroes with a huge range of skills available as part of a limited sale. These heroes are available for you to try out before joining FOTA and won’t be available for purchase after the game officially launches. Make sure you don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

The Current Situation

Often, Play-to-Earn gaming can mean sacrificing a truly immersive experience, a compelling story, and great gameplay. Token value is based entirely on speculation, making the in-game economy unstable.

But FOTA are doing things differently.

FOTA’s Solution

The team behind FOTA is experienced and passionate, utilizing the best and latest technologies in order to create a genuinely immersive game, with Microsoft Mesh supporting mixed reality technology and a fantasy universe that offers superb gameplay and characters you’ll love. FOTA are passionate about what they do, which is why each character has been carefully crafted to bring players a story they can really dig their teeth into.

There are different fantasy races and classes as well as a range of different skills, giving each hero a unique set of abilities, different strengths, and varied rarities. Each hero has their own story and perspective, which is what makes them so fascinating to play with! Utilize one of their skills to defeat your enemies.

Not only do the heroes help support an immersive in-game experience, they’re fantastic NFT assets too. You can rent them out to help players earn from their hard work and allow other users to meet their goals without investing as much time yourself. Invest in leveling characters up, changing their appearances, or even buy digital land within the game.

Unlike other Play-to-Earn games, FOTA has an anti-inflationary policy. The FOTA Treasury will use a portion of the platform profits for a buyback and burn mechanism, thereby minimizing the risk of increased token supply or illiquidity in the entire system.


The $FOTA Tokens will be used for Farming, Game and Referral Rewards, and FOTA Marketplace transactions.

In addition to the tokens, FOTA supports NFT assets to motivate players to own their valuable items. Players have access to 70 diverse types of NFTs, divided into four main groups: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

For Common items, buy them directly at the project’s official Store on the FOTA Marketplace. These NFTs can be used to level up characters, complete quests, change characters’ appearances, and own land for Clan building. They can also be rented out so players earn for their hard work and participation.

Guilding on Equinox

We are really excited that Equinox is guilding FOTA, which means there’s a lot of excitement ahead for us all!

Thanks to EX Guild’s extensive experience, FOTA has access to unparalleled expertise, including beta-testing by trusted gamers from the community, feedback on game development, and early access to game information like NFT character releases.

But that’s just the start. The goals for the future include:

  • Purchasing assets for the Guild Treasury
  • IDO on Equinox
  • A scholarship program

Discover More About FOTA

Website | Twitter | Telegram

About Equinox

Equinox is a fully functional, harmonious digital ecosystem of decentralized applications and value-add services, comprising an NFT-based IDO Launchpad and a tokenized Marketplace and Gaming Guild. Designed to cultivate and accelerate growth in the burgeoning Blockchain Gaming industry, Equinox supports all participants in an open platform structure that facilitates education, community, development, and economic interaction amongst stakeholders.

Discover More About Equinox

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A fresh start, a new dawn and an improved launchpad service is near. Expect excellence. . .

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