CABs NFTs: Real Utility for a Growing Community

The NFT market provides an enormous range of custom art that has redefined collectibility and trade among the independent artist community. But the Crypto Alien Babes collection is more than visual art, providing real-world, long-term utility for a fast-growing community. The future of NFTs is here — and the potential is only going to grow.

CABs Partnerships and Drops

When you hold a CAB, you have the potential for financial freedom. On an aesthetic level, your NFT is sure to bring envious glances from across the wider NFT community, but the utility within your NFT elevates it to a new level of demand. The foundations of the CAB project have barely dried, but projects are already lining up to collaborate and offer partnerships. MyMoonBoots has given a guaranteed whitelist to every CAB holding wallet and WoofPack has created a VIP whitelist for all CAB holders.

In addition, each of the 32 CAB ‘families’ will have its own unique utility in addition to the wider project use case. Some families have already had their use case introduced:

  • Animated Nox CAB holders will receive a guaranteed IDO allocation for all future launches on the Equinox Launchpad (similar to their own Summer NFT, worth 48.5BNB).
  • Holders of CABs from the Taida family are set to receive a unique NFT drop from Starseed, the artist behind the project.
  • MyMoonBoots has announced two free airdrops to an unnamed CAB family who are rumored to be wearing MoonBoots.

The CABs project will announce utility for more families over the coming weeks and months, stretching from future drops to exclusive invites for online events, and from real-world to metaverse usage.

CABs Royalties

As CAB holders, you get a share of the royalties from all secondary CAB sales, as well as from any sales for future CABs NFTs. This will include each episode of the upcoming anime series starring the Crypto Alien Babes, which are due to be released in 6-week intervals starting from the 25th of December, when the first teaser will drop. 3% of all sales will be shared out among all holders of the 1,111 CABs on a pro-rata basis, depending on how many CABs they hold.

Star Command DAO

Holding a CAB is also your way to actively contribute to the financial future of the CABs project — and your own. Once you are verified as a CAB holder, you have access to DAO-only channels on the Discord server. This gives you the ability to:

  1. Propose projects
  2. Review proposals from other members
  3. Participate in discussions
  4. Suggest other courses of action

and much more!

DAO channels also get you exclusive early access to ‘Uncle’ Crypto Nut’s calls, and other alpha, for exciting investment opportunities. Crypto Nut regularly also provides insights and calls on other lucrative NFT projects (Park’s Merge, Jeff Staple’s Stapleverse) via the Discord channel. The DAO itself is already funded with over $100,000, and with such a fast-growing community, the potential to shape the CABs project is enormous.

CAB Multiplication

As Uncle Nut and Starseed hinted in recent AMAs, the future for the CABs project could include the minting of 1,111 CABs babies, allocated to CABs holders with a certain number of NFTs. Uncle and Starseed also gave teasers of future CABs content, such as CABs space pets, CABs spaceships, and more.

With so much current and potential utility, the Crypto Alien Babes NFTs are sure to join the ranks of highly desirable NFTs such as BAYC, CryptoPunks or PudgyPenguins. So, don’t let FOMO catch you out in 6 months’ time; join us as we reveal more exciting new partnerships and uses over the coming months.

*This story was originally published on the Grow Group Medium page here.*

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