Equinox AMA 2: How the Guild Works and How it Can Work for you!

4 min readApr 3, 2022


This week, Willy Kerr, CEO and Co-founder of Equinox was joined by Guild Leader, Arkq and Vice Guild Leader, Ishiki, to talk all about the Guild, how it will help build the Ecosystem, and the community more generally.

“Starting Wednesday, we’re actually going to start a campaign for 30 days, offering three scholarship slots every day. People who want to be in school will have to join the squad. They will be competing in games or giveaway campaigns, which we will switch up, so it won’t always be the same competition.” (11:10) Ishiki started with some really exciting news:

Equinox is already opening up scholarship slots to gamers all over the world.

Key Takeaways

  • “The XP system is a sort of off-chain currency that cannot be transferred, bought, or sold, but it’s going to be tied into your Guild identity, so this is a way that we’re going to reward users for their involvement.” (14:32)

Arkq, our Guild Leader, went on to discuss what the utilities of XP would be. This included upgrading NOX NFTs, gifts, and even entries into competitions and lotteries. Though the NFT is non-tradable, it holds a huge amount of value as both a way of confirming your identity and within the Ecosystem as a whole.

  • The main part of the XP system is bringing utility to the NOX token and rewarding people who are helping the community and building the Ecosystem. It’s about the growth of the community,” (17:44)

Willy added some extra information to Arkq’s description of the XP system. Ensuring that community members are properly rewarded is really important to the team at Equinox and the Guild is a great way to help make that happen.

  • “It’s important to note the Guild NFT is free.” (21:14)

As previously discussed, there are a huge number of benefits to the Guild NFTs, especially when it comes to confirming your identity. However, these are non-tradeable NFTs.

  • “I just wanted to clear up some gifted NFT questions I’ve been getting. As a gifted NFT holder, you own that fully and you can sell it when we’re at the stock floor.” (22:20)

Though the NFT swaps have been really popular, there has been some confusion and these AMAs are a great place to get clarity on things.

At 25:11, the team started taking questions from the audience.

  • “We’re looking for Web 3.0 developers. We want to start building this out as soon as possible” (30:08)

In even more exciting news, Willy announced there was an opportunity to join the Equinox team for talented, excited, and engaged developers looking for an opportunity to get involved and make a difference in the Web 3.0 space.

  • “This is all about the whole Ecosystem. It complements each other in different ways…For us, the Guild is where the power is. Every game we’ve been involved with in terms of the Guild, we’re still involved with.” (32:11)

When asked about the benefit of the Guild, Willy made it clear that this would be great for the whole Equinox community.

  • “We won’t only be doing blockchain games. I love gaming. I’ve been dying for a first-person shooter in the Play-to-Earn space. Being part of the traditional gaming scene and blockchain gaming scene is important to us.” (39:29)

As he said during the last AMA, Willy is eager to move the Play-to-Earn industry in a direction that offers games people actually love. This is why Equinox has focused on projects with longevity, and that are actually exciting for those in the traditional gaming space.

At 42:11, Willy teased that he had some very exciting news about the game development side, but he’s keeping it quiet until the next AMA, which will have plenty of information about the exciting evolution of Equinox.

  • “If there’s a way you see that you can help us, it’s going to be beneficial.” (49:55)

Overall, during this AMA, there was a huge focus on how Equinox and the Guild can reward participation from an active and excited community. Whether this is through essays, social media activity, inviting other potential members, becoming a scholar, or even a gap you see yourself, community members are going to get great rewards and incentives from their passion and dedication. This was further reinforced at around 53:49, when he said, “Guilds are getting much more preferential treatment over VCs. This will include discounted NFTs as they want us to be a part of their community.”

The recording is available here and full of information about how you can take part in the Guild, how you can be rewarded, and the general benefits it brings to the whole Equinox community.

More About Willy Kerr, Equinox CEO

Willy Kerr is a true OG of crypto with an enviable level of experience. Before becoming executive partner at Grow, and CEO & Co-Founder of Equinox, he had a varied career spanning over 20 years that included running web development companies and delivering events across the Asian Pacific. There’s very little Willy hasn’t done, which has given him a truly unique perspective. As an early crypto adopter, he also has an immense wealth of knowledge, a deep understanding of crypto and various highly specialized blockchain technologies. This, combined with a trailblazing spirit, is what makes Equinox such an exciting community.

We’ll be hosting plenty more AMAs so the community can keep up to date with the latest developments and learn more about what Equinox is planning to do in the future. Keep an eye on our socials so you never miss an announcement again.

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