Equinox AMA 3: An Introduction to Equinox Tokenomics and Pegaxy Scholarship Share Increased to 80%!

During this week’s AMA, Willy Kerr, CEO and Co-Founder of Equinox, revealed more about the NOX token and updated the community about Guild NFTs.

“We believe we should be changing what we see is wrong in Tokenomics across the board” [1:36]. As Equinox has always been committed to changing the game as a Launchpad, it comes as no surprise that Willy is ready to shake things up as an Ecosystem. The next AMA will go into much more detail about the Tokenomics, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled!

“So we’re going to be having a token raise which is not traditional. We will have a pre TGE raise. That’s going to be basically done on the bonding curve.” [4:10] Throughout the AMA, Willy focused on the importance of honesty and transparency, which is something that is vital to Equinox’s approach to the launch of our NOX tokens.

“Your investment will multiply as it goes up the bonding curve. So, if you’ve bought it at the lower end of the curve and people keep buying before TGE, the price will go up as you go along. We have a graph that marks this out; it shows you a risk curve.” [5:10] In the next AMA, there will be a much more in-depth look at the Tokenomics but Willy gave a brief rundown of exactly how it will work.

Key Takeaways

  • “We’ve tried to protect investors as much as possible and avoid this dumping that happens with a lot of projects.” [6:50]

As well as complete transparency, Equinox is dedicated to creating a sustainable token model with longevity and protection for investors.

  • “I believe that everybody should be equal in this. There’s no reason one [investor] should get benefits earlier than anyone else. It makes it fair for everyone and puts us all in the same boat.” [7:50]

Willy further emphasized the importance of fairness and building a community as well as an Ecosystem. This is why there will be a fair amount of scrutiny on VCs and outside investors to ensure that Equinox only works with trusted people and companies in order to avoid dumping.

  • “We’re starting our raise today.” [8:44]

Willy announced some very exciting news! The start of the raise marks the beginning of incredible growth at Equinox, which is so exciting for the community.

  • “Token drops to NFT holders will be happening. I’ll be setting aside a certain amount of that first price curve for the community, so we’ll be doing a public and private raise.” [9:35]

Not only that, but if you have a full set of NFTs from the launchpad, you’ll also be entitled to bonus token airdrops!

  • “Are there benefits to participating more? Yes. We want to reward people who are using our platform more and are active. You’ll get access to the lowest price of the token.” [11:13]

Willy took questions throughout the AMA, rather than opening up the floor at a specific time. It has always been important to Equinox to support active members of the community. Your participation is what makes Equinox such a special and different environment, so it’s vital that we support those who support the Equinox vision. Though specific rewards are not set in stone yet, Willy emphasized that these benefits are something he is eager to implement.

  • “The NOX token will be the glue between everything we do. The guild, marketplace, etc…everything will be paid in NOX.” [12:15]

As he said in the last AMA, Willy has focused on the importance of the NOX token as a unifying force for the whole Ecosystem, as well as a way to keep the price stable and support a sustainable economic model.

  • “Guilds need to have assets to buy games, etc. It takes money to do that. If we’re going to be a successful Guild, we need capital.” [14:56]

The Guild is a hugely important part of the success of Equinox. It ensures we get to be part of some of the most exciting and innovative projects in the space, so it’s important to cultivate and invest in this arm of the Equinox Ecosystem.

  • “Will there be a way to actively earn NOX tokens? Yes. The NOX tokens will be earned with Play-to-Earn, the Guild, quests on the dashboard, etc. Rewards-wise, we’re working hard to be sure that we work in a way that the Tokenomics allow.” [18:42]

Willy indicated that there would be more detail about this in the next AMA, as well as a discussion surrounding the benefits of XP and other non-token rewards.

  • “Tokens that are forfeited will be added to a pool that will go to those who have held NOX tokens for the two-year investment time.” [21:55]

As part of Equinox’s economic model, Willy indicated that there would be a “last man standing” model that will reward loyalty. He goes into more detail about specific figures but also mentions that it’s important to keep up to date with the next AMA.

At [25:03], Vice Guild Leader, Ishiki, joined the AMA to give some updates about The Guild.

  • “We onboarded 50 scholars last week…we want 200 scholars so there’s room for those who want to apply.” [25:06]

Ishiki started with some exciting news for people who have yet to sign up for the scholarships: you haven’t missed your chance! There are still plenty of places available, so for those who are interested, simply apply through Discord.

“I’m happy to announce we’re making a change. We’re changing our scholarships to have an 80% profit share rather than 30%.” [25:56]

In amazing news for scholars, the Guild is offering a 50% increase in profits. There’s never been a more exciting time to be a part of the Guild!

  • “We’ve set up a team just for education.” [28:59]

Willy announced that there have been some changes made to the structure of Equinox and the Guild more specifically. There’s a real focus on ensuring scholars get the most out of their experience and the games they’re playing!

  • “Opportunities for the Guild are flying in.” [29:47]

It’s important for Equinox to take advantage of all of the opportunities that are presented by the Guild and its popularity, which is why the raise is happening so soon.

  • “Projects will have certain stipulations. I’ll be implementing a refund system.” [33:05]

In a rare move for an Ecosystem, Willy committed to refunds in certain circumstances. Although these won’t apply to riskier investments, projects in which Equinox has a stronger hand, will have a refund system.

  • “I’ll be implementing DAO Governance.” [34:14]

Not only will this add another element of utility to the NOX token, but a DAO will allow community members to suggest projects for the Guild and potential investments.

  • “We’re going to be allowing projects to mint on our Marketplace.” [35:37]

Another big announcement from Willy! This is a great way for Equinox and the community to get more involved in the NFT space.

  • “The Guild NFTs are really beautiful. There’s a teaser coming soon!” [40:00]

There’s a lot of anticipation for the Guild NFTs and Willy has announced that we’ll be getting a sneak peek very soon!

The recording is available here and is the best way to learn more about the NOX token and how it benefits holders, as well as how the guild NFTs are progressing.

More About Willy Kerr, Equinox CEO

Willy Kerr is a true OG of crypto with an enviable level of experience. Before becoming Executive Partner at Grow and CEO & Co-Founder of Equinox, he had a varied career spanning over 20 years, including running web development companies and delivering events across the Asian Pacific. There’s very little Willy hasn’t done, which has given him a truly unique perspective. As an early crypto adopter, he also has an immense wealth of knowledge, and a deep understanding of crypto and various highly specialized blockchain technologies. This, combined with a trailblazing spirit, is the driving force behind what makes Equinox such an exciting community.

We’ll be hosting plenty more AMAs so the community can keep up to date with the latest developments and learn more about what Equinox is planning to do in the future. Keep an eye on our socials so you never miss an announcement.

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