Equinox AMA Recap

Here at Equinox, we’re always looking to push the boundaries to make the future great for our community. That’s why we’re evolving to become a full ecosystem rather than simply a launchpad. Our CEO, Willy Kerr, recently did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Twitter Spaces to talk about this evolution, and what Equinauts can expect from our new Marketplace.

Last week was the launch of Equinox’s Marketplace, which opened up our swap portal for NFT holders who bought their NFTs on Liquidifty. And on Friday March 25th, the opportunity to swap NFTs will also be opened to community members with gifted assets!

The AMA began with a quick rundown of what Equinox has achieved since its inception. From vesting contracts to creating a totally unique launchpad with NFTs rather than tokens and now the Marketplace, Equinox has created an Ecosystem with several layers, and Willy is confident that it will continue in the future: “In five months, we’ve achieved quite a lot. That being said, we haven’t stopped working in the background.” (9:10)

Key Takeaways

We’ve taken some of Willy’s insightful comments and summarized them below.

  • “It would make sense for us if we had more control of these projects, which means seeing them all the way from the beginning to incubation to launchpad.” (10:17)

Although Equinox has achieved amazing things as a launchpad, it’s vital to expand and become a larger, more involved player in the space. By being able to advise and position these projects in a way that maximizes potential success, we can also be sure that we’re only sharing projects we are truly invested in with our community.

  • “You’re going to hear me mention the Guild a lot in the next few weeks, as this is going to be one of the key parts of the future of Equinox.” (12:04)

Though not the focus of this AMA, the importance of the Guild can’t be overstated. It has been, and will continue to be, a huge component in the success of Equinox, especially as it helps attract bigger and better projects to the community.

  • “We’re going to bring a NOX token in, which will be the glue that holds everything together for us.” (12:10)

The launchpad has been a real success, but in order for Equinox to fulfill its potential, we need to expand. A tokenized environment will really help underpin our Ecosystem.

  • “You need to stake your NFT into the platform and that will open up the lending platform” (34:34)

Being able to lend and rent assets is an incredible way for people to get the most out of their NFTs. This move to a Marketplace environment will open up more opportunities for everyone.

When asked about the NOX token and how soon we’ll see it, Willy focused on the importance of longevity for Equinox.

  • “It’s easy to throw together tokenomics but that’s not how we do things here…we’re not interested in getting ourselves in an ‘eat-your-own-tail’ model. We would rather build strongly and slowly.” (37:41)

By focusing on projects that have a long shelf life and organic appeal, Equinox is working on building a strong, long-lasting economic ecosystem that will benefit all members of the community.

  • “It’s time to move away from play to earn and move towards play and earn!” (39:14)

It’s no secret that many play-to-earn games just don’t appeal to most gamers. They can be repetitive, boring, and not particularly fun. As a gamer himself, it’s important to Willy and the whole of the Equinox team to ensure they take the best of traditional gaming and combine that with the benefits offered by the Play-to-Earn space.

At 28:35 the floor was opened up to questions from the audience, with topics ranging from how to attract larger scale projects and whether the full set of NFTs will gain members extra rewards, to how the Marketplace works in practice.

At 45:00 Willy wrapped up the AMA with some exciting news: Equinox has almost finished its plans to bring in a Game Development team. Though he didn’t want to reveal too much too soon, the excitement in the space was palpable.

The recording is available here and is a great way to find out more about the future of Equinox — and exactly how you’re going to benefit from this evolution.

More About Willy Kerr, Equinox CEO

Before his role as executive partner at Grow, and CEO & Co-Founder of Equinox, Willy Kerr had a varied career spanning over 20 years. From running a web development company in Thailand to delivering Olympic-level events across the Asian Pacific, there’s almost nothing he hasn’t done. Willy is one of the early adopters of blockchain and this extensive experience has allowed him to gain an immense wealth of knowledge and a deep understanding of crypto and various highly specialized blockchain technologies.

Willy is a true crypto OG with unparalleled experience in the field and a trailblazing spirit. His background and approach to life is what makes Equinox such a special community.

We’ll be hosting plenty more AMAs so the community can keep up to date with the latest developments and learn more about what Equinox is planning to do in the future. Keep an eye on our socials so you never miss any of our announcements!

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