Equinox and Octavia Labs: Harnessing the Power of AI to Enhance Your Web3 Journey

5 min readFeb 13, 2024


Octavia AI is revolutionizing the cryptocurrency space with its AI-powered platform, designed to simplify the complexities of Web3 for users across the board. By integrating advanced AI technology, Octavia AI offers a comprehensive suite of features aimed at enhancing the crypto experience, including real-time market monitoring, autonomous trading, personalized learning, and community management.

Key Features:

  • Cloud Connected: Octavia is connected to both the internet and the blockchain, enabling it to conduct research, use search engines, and visit websites.
  • Securely Connected to Your Services: Whether you communicate with Octavia through Discord or Telegram, it can recognize and authenticate you.
  • Inbuilt AI Memory: Octavia’s working memory helps it learn about you and your preferences, allowing for increasingly personalized assistance.

Octavia Labs offers their product in two categories:

Octavia ASSISTANT — The flagship product is an AI assistant for crypto research, trading, and task automation. It provides integration with Discord, Telegram, and X (formerly Twitter), facilitating easy communication of your insights with the world.

Octavia Assistant enhances user’s capabilities by automating trading and participation in token presales, setting alerts for specific events, and executing buy/sell actions triggered by various inputs, including real life events which may require sentiment analysis of news articles.

Due diligence and research on Web3 projects are now more accessible. With access to both internet and blockchain data, Octavia Assistant can suggest projects based on your criteria, provide updates on market trends, token launches, and price movements, and deliver summaries and comprehensive comparisons between projects and tokens. It can also fetch and analyze token contracts, offering a clear overview of token features and on-chain metrics.

Octavia FOR GROUPS — A leading AI Community Manager integrated with Discord and Telegram, allowing for 24/7 moderation of community servers. It offers ways to keep the community safe from NSFW content, phishing attacks, and spam while addressing complex, user-specific questions to keep the community educated and informed.

Equinox will harness Octavia to distill the extensive information in our guide, enabling community members to receive answers tailored to their unique circumstances and hypothetical scenarios. This will also empower community members to inquire in detail about the projects we partner with, freeing our moderators to concentrate on fostering more engaging interactions within our community.

For more specific examples, see Octavia’s documentation.

Team Built for Success

At the heart of Octavia Labs is a team driven by collective ambition and innovation, at the forefront of AI technology within the Web3 and blockchain spheres. This diverse, creative, and forward-thinking group is dedicated to transforming how users interact with blockchain technology.

Under the leadership of Luke Martinez, a visionary with a track record of developing transformative solutions, Octavia Labs aims to pioneer advancements in the digital space. Luke’s previous success with Bogged, achieving $2.6 billion in total traded volume and amassing a community of 300,000 dapp users, showcases his ability to lead projects to industry-leading positions.

For more details on Octavia Labs team see: https://octavia.one/octaviapitchdeck.pdf

Via Token: Powering Octavia AI

Token Utilities:

  • Medium of Exchange: VIA tokens serve as a key to access Octavia’s premium B2C products and also reward users for their participation in the DAO.
  • Proof of Commitment: Staking VIA tokens demonstrates support for Octavia’s DAO and its decentralized protocols. Via can be used to vote in DAO governance and to provide liquidity in decentralized exchanges (DEXs), earning DAO participation and transaction fees in the process.

Incentives for engagement include Refer2Earn, Train2Earn, and Learn2Earn programs, with rewards calculated algorithmically and paid from revenue generated by B2B moderation tools. This strategy aims to create positive buying pressure for VIA on the open market while avoiding inflationary pitfalls.

The Octavia flywheel ensures revenue in both stablecoins and VIA tokens feeds directly back into the ecosystem, fostering a sustainable and long-term token economy.


Key Details:

  • Total Raise: $3,690,000
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000 (100M)
  • Current Valuation: $8,000,000
  • Public Valuation: $10,000,000
  • Initial Market Cap wo/Liquidity: $420,000
  • Initial Market Cap w/Liquidity: $870,000
  • Initial Circulating Supply: 8.70%

Sale Stages and Vesting Terms:

  • Seed: $0.05 per VIA, 10% of total supply, 5% TGE unlock, 3 months cliff, 12 months vesting
  • Private: $0.08 per VIA, 23% of total supply, 7.5% TGE unlock, 2 months cliff, 10 months vesting
  • KOL Round: $0.075 per VIA, 4% of total supply, 10% TGE unlock, no cliff, 10 months vesting
  • Public: $0.1 per VIA, 10.5% of total supply, 10% TGE unlock, no cliff, 10 months vesting

For more details see https://octavia.one/octaviapitchdeck.pdf

Octavia’s Private Round at Noxstarter

Currently, holders of Equinox’s Celestial NFTs and those who have acquired NOX in the completed OG Community Round, or the ongoing Community Round (Private) of the NOX presale, are eligible to participate in Octavia’s Private Round at Noxstarter.

Participating in Octavia’s Private Round Sale at Noxstarter

To participate in the Octavia’s Private Round sale at Noxstarter, interested individuals can gain access through:

Once you have secured your access to Noxstarter, head to the presale app, where the Octavia tab will be available until Feb 14, and prefund your potential allocations via the Noxstarter platform.

Within Noxstarter’s system, the early bird gets the worm, so don’t wait to prefund and maximize your chances for getting extra allocation.

Note: You can use as much funds as you want to prefund your potential allocation. Our self-balancing system will determine your allocation at the end of the prefund period and allocate as much VIA to you as available, based on your tier access, lottery results, and distribution of any excess tokens on a FCFS basis. Your place in the queue determined by prefunding transaction’s timestamp will affect your eligibility for any initially unsold tokens.

Any excess funds not allocated to the bonus allocation will be refunded immediately after the sale concludes.

Learn more about our new and innovative participation system from our guide.

Key information for the Octavia’s Private Round:

VIA Price: $0.08
TGE Unlock: 7.5%
Cliff: 2 months
Vesting: 10 months




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