Equinox DEV Update Madness

4 min readJun 17, 2022


V-1.1.9-Beta Release Notes

Code Name: MadNess


At Equinox, we work hard to deliver our promises to the metaverse race; We focus on building tools that make our users’ lives more manageable and bring actual value to our ecosystem. At Equinox, we don’t just sell a promise, but we work intensely to release new features and experiment with new ideas toward building the ultimate blockchain gaming ecosystem. We proudly present our hottest recent changes to our Ecosystem and platform. Let’s jump in!

XEngine API

We rebuilt our backend architecture and introduced a new API to help us quickly build, scale and change data. We hope to open-source parts of our ecosystem, sharing it with Web3 community, soon. We also moved to a new data center making intercommunication between ecosystem components a breeze.

• Moved from Next.js API

• Moved to typescript backend API

• Moved to Singapore datacenter

• Moved from Getblock to Moralis

Web 3.0 Authentication

As a blockchain/Web3 startup, we re-engineered our authentication to use wallet authentication instead of email/password. This is a breaking change, but do not fear. Migration is just a click away. We hope Web3 authentication makes our crypto native users’ lives easier.

• Use MetaMask or Wallet Connect

• Uses wallet authentication across the ecosystem

Wallet Account

One of the first questions, you might ask, is: “What if I have multiple wallets?”. No worries, we’ve automated the wallet change detection, and users can now easily link multiple wallets to their Equinox account. All you have to do is to authenticate with a wallet to your Equinox account before switching wallets.


Till we find a better way to comply with laws and regulations, we still have to keep the KYC in place, but we limited it to Launchpad, where it belongs!

  • KYC moved to Launchpad
  • KYC status notifications are now via e-mail
  • KYC data recovery by e-mail

Get your KYC Back via e-mail

We want to make it seamless for our users to adapt to changes with existing KYC. All you need is to verify your e-mail to get your KYC data back, if you already got approved previously.

Make sure to check both junk and inbox. Click on verify, and you should see a message “successfully verified your email.” close the newly opened window, come back to your Equinox App and account, and refresh the page. You are verified, and all your previous data, e.g., KYC, should be recovered.

Participation System Improvements

The old participation system might feel a bit overwhelming for our users, therefore, the participation system has been simplified.

• The user needs to click only once on “Confirm my participation.”

• Equinox engine detects on-chain which NFTs are owned by the user and saves the participation.

• Support for a future “Burn XP” feature to buy a lottery ticket.

Guild App

Our guild is growing fast and we feel it deserves its own home, so we created a brand-new application. Our Guild Members can now access their unique application, social bots, and the XP system on the Guild’s website. The future is bright for the Guild, as its at the heart of the blockchain gaming platform we are building.

• Guild standalone app on separated subdomain

Current Equinox Guild Members, with active NFT, can recover their XP after wallet authentication.




A fresh start, a new dawn and an improved launchpad service is near. Expect excellence. . .