Equinox Meets BattleVerse

13.02.2022 16:00 UTC Join Us for an Exclusive AMA with BattleVerse CEO, Vlad Driamov

Our incredible community of Equinauts keeps taking us to new places and new realms. Your support and engagement has been fantastic, and helps us drive us towards even more success! But now, the next phase is upon us with this outstanding new game, BattleVerse.

About BattleVerse

BattleVerse is a brand-new blockchain gaming experience that gives players incredible gameplay as well as a say in how things are run. Users don’t have to sacrifice engaging gaming in order to enter the play-to-earn and NFT spaces, as BattleVerse prioritizes the cultivation of a great game and a great community.

About Portals

Portals is a web-based metaverse platform that has been carefully designed to be accessible, compelling, and offer its users an exciting, engaging experience. NOX will be hosting the AMA as an avatar on the platform, opposite the avatar of BattleVerse CEO, Vlad Driamov. And if you want to get involved too, it’s as easy as creating an avatar and joining the space!

About the AMA

We’d like to invite you to join us for an open, interactive AMA (Ask Me Anything) in Portals on 13 February at 16:00 UTC.

NOX will host a one-of-a-kind interview with BattleVerse CEO, Vlad Driamov in Portals to ensure you get all the information you want about the project and their upcoming launch.

Vlad and the whole BattleVerse team have expertise and experience in the gaming industry as well as the crypto space, making them perfectly positioned to combine the two in a way that supports the community.

NOX and Vlad will also be joined by guild leaders Arkq and Ishiki, who will pass questions from the community over to NOX. Participants in the portal will be muted but we want you to have your say and hear the answers to your questions, which is why the chat function will still be available.

If you miss out on a slot in the portal, don’t worry! The event will also be streamed live on our website.

The Details

Where: Equinox Portals

When: 13.02.22, 16:00 UTC

Who: Vlad Driamov, CEO of BattleVerse

Find out more about BattleVerse

Twitter | Telegram | Website

Don’t forget to join us on Twitter and Telegram to stay up to date with all the latest event reminders.

About Equinox

Equinox is a groundbreaking IDO launchpad experience that gives entrepreneurs a fair, decentralized platform from which to launch frontier technologies and concepts. At the heart of Equinox is the belief that a new era of inclusive innovation is possible in the IDO space. And by harnessing the power of education, immersion, and genuine care for the future of our world, we’re making that belief a reality. The time for change is now.

Find out more at:

Website | Twitter | Announcements | Telegram



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