Equinox Offers New Scholarship Opportunities for Rebel Bots!

3 min readMay 17, 2022

Rebel Bots — Xoil Wars is the latest cross-platform card battle game in the Play-and-Earn space. Easy to learn but hard to master, players have the opportunity to earn as they progress through this exciting sci-fi themed outer space game. Single and multiplayer modes unite users around extra-terrestrial kingdoms as they build their armies of fighting robots and compete with others for the valuable resource known as Xoil.

The game consists of thousands of different kingdoms, each built by a generation 1 Rebel Bot, then divided and offered to players to protect for their lords. The lands produce Xoil, which generates royalties that players share with their lords. Each player is part of a kingdom that they choose based on the location of the land that they purchase. It is then up to them to use the resources they earn from battles to build the perfect fighting machine.

Rebel Bots intends to create a leading game franchise within the blockchain space by building the brand with several titles. Players will be able to use the characters they own in all the games within the Rebel Bots social gaming universe, joining forces with others to engage in both casual and competitive gameplay.

Rebel Bots has an exciting future ahead and will be ready to play in mid-June. We are thrilled to announce that we’ll be offering limited scholarship opportunities to Guild members. We have also allocated funds to purchase Rebel Bots NFTs, so you will be able to start playing without investing yourself!

The Equinox Guild is the heart of the Ecosystem, a place that prioritizes community and connection. We understand that the financial barrier to entry for Play-to-Earn games can make it difficult for players to enter the space. That’s why we’ve established a strong scholarship program that gives everyone opportunities to earn, without the high initial cost.

To be in with a chance to win a RebelBots Scholarship, you need to mint your Guild NFT and start earning XP. There are lots of ways to earn XP and increase your chances of being selected — check out our article to find out how to get ahead!

How to become a scholar

  1. Join our Discord Channel
  2. Visit https://app.equinox.fund/account/join and mint your NFT
  3. Connect your Discord profile
  4. Visit verify-guild-nft and type /verify
  5. Access the #Scholarship-Applications channel
  6. Fill in the Rebel Bots scholarship form
  7. Earn XP to be prioritized

This is an incredible opportunity to earn XP as well as profit from playing one of the most anticipated new games in the space. Don’t miss out!

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Equinox is a fully functional, harmonious digital ecosystem of decentralized applications and value-add services, comprising an NFT-based IDO Launchpad and a tokenized Marketplace and Gaming Guild. Designed to cultivate and accelerate growth in the burgeoning Blockchain Gaming industry, Equinox supports all participants in an open platform structure that facilitates education, community, development, and economic interaction amongst stakeholders.

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