Equinox Partnering With Crypto.in

2 min readJun 21, 2022


Equinox is accelerating blockchain adoption with Indonesian community.

Cryptoin is a community of crypto investors that focuses on various Blockchain projects. The community was founded in 2017 by a crypto-experienced team, which leads it since. In addition to investing, Cryptoin also creates educational content, including weekly live discussions on Telegram’s voice calls, improving their community’s understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Why Are We Excited About Our Partnership With Cryptoin?

Sharing a common goal of educating people about the blockchain space, we are teaming up to create educational content about Web 3.0 and Blockchain Gaming, and reach more people with it. Through the partnership with Cryptoin we are hoping to enhance the capabilities of our LearnFi platform to generate and translate our content about navigating blockchain space, onboarding specific blockchain gaming projects, and sharing the strategies for achieving success within these games. By removing the language barrier we are hoping to provide easier access to blockchain gaming projects for the Indonesian community.





More Links:

cryptoin (lynk.id)

Info about Equinox Ecosystem

Equinox is a harmonious digital Ecosystem that adds value to products at every step of their development. From our Gaming Guild, Project Incubator, Marketplace and Launchpad underpinning the entire Ecosystem, our focus is on bringing creativity and opportunity to our community and clients in everything we do.

Info about Equinox Guild

The Equinox Guild is a Web 3.0 Gaming Guild focused on improving and accelerating the adoption of blockchain gaming.

Enjoying games is what gaming is about! That’s why at Equinox, we prioritize fun, skill-based games and have gamified our Ecosystem, providing a true Web 3.0 experience. Through the use of our free Guild NFT, Guild members can interact with our Quest Board, collect XP, level up their Guild NFT, and earn rewards.

Not part of the Equinox community yet? Mint your free Guild NFT here and introduce yourself in our Discord.




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