Equinox Sin City IDO Summary

An Incredible Event Bridging the Virtual and Real

4 min readOct 22, 2021


The inaugural Equinox IDO was a smashing success, and we had a lot of fun with it. The R-rated metaverse game, Sin City, is moving forward to bring awesome Play-to-Earn gaming and metaverse economies to the masses.

We can’t wait to see the future kingpins thriving in Sin City and beyond!

We are very grateful to everyone who took part in helping us bridge the physical and virtual worlds. With the help of TDeFi, Nox was able to broadcast to Dubai investors from the GITEX Future Blockchain Summit as well as to the community from her metaverse home of Planet Nox. The Sin City IDO truly was a global event.

The launch included a unique blend of art, technology, audience participation and music that was free for all to attend. The ten-word treasure hunt during the show received a lot of positive feedback from members, with almost 1000 forms submitted for the lottery. And DJ Nox and community performers, Sak’d and Daao, felt the love from their fellow Equinauts for their performances.

And the numbers prove we’re not the only ones who enjoyed the show. The streaming video had 320 concurrent live viewers at its peak, with a total watch time of ~550 hours. The video has also been played back nearly 20,000 times.

The sights, sounds, and camaraderie were awesome to behold!

Launch Party Summary

We teamed up with GROW Events to coordinate the Dubai/Virtual launch from GITEX and ensure everything ran smoothly. The event featured:

  • Different virtual worlds, including an indoor futuristic Welcome Lounge and outdoor space stages from Planet NOX.
  • An introduction to Equinox and Sin City by the Nox avatar, the symbol of our platform.
  • Incredible music sets by community members Sak’d and Daao, followed by a closing set from DJ Nox.
  • A presentation by Nox from the main Blockchain stage at GITEX, so investors could get front row seats to learn about the project.

The Project: Sin City

Sin City is an incredible play-to-earn game for the ages. This 3D action-thriller game and open metaverse world is going to revolutionize how games are played. You can create avatars, complete missions, build economies, and earn revenue thanks to the power of blockchain.

Built on the Polygon Network, the game sits inside an open, scalable multi-chain metaverse of 15,000 virtual plots of land modeled after some of the world’s most vibrant — and sometimes seedy — cities. From the lights and casinos of Las Vegas to the vibrant carnivals of Rio de Janeiro, you can rent or purchase virtual properties to build your empire and generate actual revenue.

The Equinox Contribution

Before the IDO, the Equinox team worked with Sin City to get the word out and let the community know: the metaverse is fun, revolutionary, and full of opportunity. We hosted an AMA in the Equinox Telegram with Sin City CTO, Constantin, to answer questions and emphasize the real-world importance of this project. We also created multiple bespoke videos and articles to share across our social media channels, as well as informative tweets that collectively garnered thousands of views.

Launch Details

  • Equinox Total Raise: $100,000 (100% sold out)
  • SIN Token Listing Price: $0.02
  • SIN 24 Hour Trading Volume — $490,000
  • Over $7.3 million trading volume in first 24 hours
  • SIN Pooled: 1.8 million tokens
  • Number 1 trending token on Dex Tools
  • Peak price — $0.32 (16x)
  • Price 5 days post-IDO — $0.15 (7.5x)
  • SIN Holders: 5300


Again, we’re grateful to everyone who came out to make the inaugural Equinox IDO launch such a great success. Thank you to our two community DJs, TDeFi BizThon, GROW Events, and the Sin City team for sharing our vision of an amazing future and allowing us to help expand what blockchain technology can accomplish.

We’re one step closer to a digital world of real opportunity.

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