Equinox’s NFT Swap Portal Is About to Open!

We are proud to announce that we’re opening our own Marketplace to provide more utility to NFT holders and the broader Equinox community. This is the first step in our new roadmap, leading to the expansion of the Equinox Ecosystem to link the Launchpad, Guild, and Marketplace together and pave the way for the introduction of the NOX token to our community.

By using the Marketplace, you’ll be subjected to lower fees and in the near future, you will have the opportunity to take part in our lending and borrowing system as well as opening up access to rewards for staking your NFT and upcoming NOX tokens.

Why do we need to swap?

In order for our Ecosystem to run smoothly and to ensure that our upcoming NFT and NOX Token Staking, User XP, and NFT lending functions all integrate, we need to bring the Equinox Launchpad NFTs under our own roof, while eradicating the difference between gifted and bought NFTs, and opening up trading to all.

How to Swap

Go to the Swap Portal for purchased NFTs.

  1. Log in
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Switch your network to BSC Mainnet
  4. Make sure you select the wallet account where you hold your Liquiditify NFT
  5. Click on the “Exchange” button
  6. You will then need to sign two transactions
  7. When it’s done, the NFT will appear in your wallet
  8. Your swap is complete, and you can now access all the benefits that come with the Equinox Marketplace as they are implemented

Trading NFTs on the Equinox Marketplace

To provide a fair platform for trading, You will be glad to hear that the royalty fee for non-gifted Equinox NFTs will be lowered to 10% (from 25%) and there will be a marketplace fee of 2.5% on every transaction.

Gifted NFT holders will be able to claim their new Equinox NFT on a claim portal shortly after the main NFT swap. Gifted NFTs will also be tradable on the marketplace, but will incur an 80% royalty fee. There will also be a minimum floor price for listing and selling, and the NFTs will not be transferable until they have been sold once under these conditions.

Once they have been sold, these NFTs will then become part of the main supply and subjected to standard trading royalties and abilities.

Become a part of the revolution and join us on the next stage of the Equinox journey.



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