EX AMA: Guild NFT Minting, Discover Quests and Earn Rewards

4 min readMay 6, 2022


The latest AMA was hosted by Guild Leader, Arkq, and Vice Guild leader, Ishiki. It wasn’t recorded, but it’s always worth keeping up with our Twitter and Discord accounts so you can see when the next AMA is taking place and keep up with all the latest updates.

The focus of this AMA was the release of the Guild NFT. Be sure to check out our guide to minting your free Guild NFT so you can get involved!

“The first 1000 mints will receive 25 XP, which is a nice reward for the OGs.” That’s right, if you’re one of the first thousand people to mint your Guild NFT, you’ll get 25 XP as a bonus and a thank you for being with Equinox from the beginning!

“Our XP system is already live. You can see your XP as soon as you’ve minted your NFT. If you mint now and do everything to engage with the community, you’ll have 125 XP.” There are lots of little ways you can start earning XP before you even start playing a game. Take part in the Discord, follow us on Twitter, and recommend us to your friends to start seeing these rewards land in your account.

“We have rewards coming and will keep adding to this list. We’re planning to have scholarship slots available…There are many rewards to look forward to.” Throughout the AMA, we heard the guys mention how many awesome new features are coming, Guild members need to keep their eyes open.

“We’ve come up with a system called Quest Board. We want to reward the active participation of our community members. It’s going to mainly be around Discord activity, being a scholar in our Guild, and taking part in game nights on Tuesdays. We want to be able to reward these people for their participation. We will always be adding to the list of Quests. Things might change as it’s very early on, and we want to ensure these rewards match the effort you put in.” Ensuring that Guild members earn XP and other rewards for their participation is incredibly important to the team at Equinox, which is why there are so many opportunities to benefit from the Ecosystem.

“XP is an off-chain currency and won’t be converted into a coin. We want something that connects to your participation in the Guild. We don’t want people to be able to buy their way in.” Participation really is at the heart of everything we stand for, which is why we’ve decided XP can’t be transferred. Instead, you get rewarded for your hard work — you can’t just buy your way into this community. However, there will be a mechanism in place to allow Guild members to lend out their NFTs as an extra earning opportunity.

“Scholarship slots will be exclusively for Guild NFT holders, especially the most sought-after ones.” As though there weren’t enough reasons to be minting your Guild NFT anyway, we heard during this AMA that if you want a scholarship spot, you’ll need to be a holder.

“The whole idea of our Guild is playing games people actually want to play, so even non-blockchain games will help you earn XP.” Getting rewards for playing the games you love is a win-win. Keep up with the Discord to find out when these rewards are available.

“Pegaxy scholarships are still available.” Some amazing news for those who missed the first chance to get involved with the Scholarship: there are still a few places available!

“We’re in touch with Rebel Bots and have secured some scholarship spaces for our Guild. You’ll need to be a Guild NFT holder to be eligible for a slot.” As announced earlier, being a Guild NFT holder is the only way to access some of the best rewards, including a scholarship slot on the latest game the Guild is working with.

“No deadline, but there is a deadline for bonus XP.” Equinox is here for the long term and that goes for the Guild, too. There’s no deadline for minting your NFT or even being part of the community, but the bonus XP is only for the first thousand mints, so you’ll have to be quick!

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