Expanding Blockchain Gaming with BreederDAO

2 min readJun 3, 2022

BreederDAO is the go-to asset production factory for gaming assets of the Metaverse. Utilising their extensive experience and dedicated tools, through in-game breeding mechanics, they generate curated assets that deliver best value at scale for play-and-earn games.

In addition, BreederDAO provides early access to key information and games from their extensive network of key play-and-earn leaders and developers.

Why are we excited about our partnership with BreederDAO?

At Equinox, we believe that blockchain gaming and metaverse have a vast potential for reshaping the gaming industry and benefiting developers and gamers alike. Tearing down the barriers and creating opportunities within the space requires building connections and joining efforts. The best place we see fit for competition is within the games we help develop and play together!

We are excited about partnering up with BreederDAO and becoming a part of their extensive and still growing network of 100+ guilds. By collaborating with BreederDAO, we are able to continue to connect to key players in the industry, exchange information about blockchain gaming releases, research, and analytics, as well as work together on driving the growth of blockchain gaming.

To learn more about Breeder DAO, you can follow them on these channels.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BreederDAO

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/breederdao

Medium: https://medium.com/@breederDAOcommunity

Website: https://www.breederdao.io/

Info about Equinox Guild

The Equinox Guild is a Web 3.0 Gaming Guild focused on improving and accelerating the adoption of blockchain gaming.

Enjoying games is what gaming is about! That’s why at Equinox, we prioritize fun, skill-based games and have gamified our Ecosystem, providing a true Web 3.0 experience. Through the use of our free Guild NFT, Guild members can interact with our Quest Board, collect XP, level up their Guild NFT, and earn rewards.

Not part of the Equinox community yet? Mint your free Guild NFT here and introduce yourself in our Discord.




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