Introducing Echocore: A Whole New Storyverse

4 min readFeb 17, 2022


Equinox is thrilled to be announcing our latest launch, and this one is really exciting. Echocore is a new, NFT-based metaverse platform that is setting out to transform the way that story-driven Intellectual Property (IP) is created, owned, and monetized.

The Project

Echocore combines interactive storytelling, gaming, community-driven and owned IP, NFTs, and digital identity to create a web3-based “Storyverse”. The team is putting the narrative in the hands of the community by constructing an NFT-based model geared towards entertainment.

This innovative model will create a new economic paradigm and push the boundaries of IP ownership and story generation for creators, thus increasing the fun, gameplay and rewards.

The team has extensive experience in the film industry with a specialized understanding of visual effects, which translates into fantastic looking graphics and a completely immersive experience.

The Current Problem

In the current environment, avatars have little use outside of games, especially in creative endeavors. Even if a player’s avatar is a part of something incredibly special in the game, there is no way to capitalize on that in-game creativity, and no way to expand horizons beyond the parameters of the game itself.

The Echocore Solution

The Echocore team are changing the paradigm by bringing the most entertaining aspects of Web2 MMORPGs to a more interactive Web3 world, giving players ownership of everything they create within the game, and rewarding them for their contributions.

As the Metaverse emerges, it is important to look at the creation of media and the value of creation differently. Echocore is combining the power of storytelling with Web3, video games, and blockchain in order to create a community-led, creative environment that rewards users for the work they contribute to the world.

Whether you want to play or create, socialize or compete, you’ll be a stakeholder in the Echocore universe.

NFT Utilization

Echocore is minting 1920 NFTs on the Solana blockchain with four Rarity Levels, each coming with different benefits.

The 1024 Gateway NFTs come with a range of perks, including future residual benefits, participation in future merchandise and faction activities, as well as 0.25 power points for the Shadowcore avatar. Owners will also gain access to an exclusive Discord Channel.

Vista NFTs are slightly rarer, with only 512 available. Users get the same benefits as Gateway owners but you get 0.5 power points for your Shadowcore avatar and 0.25 for your Hero avatar.

Your power points double again if you get one of the 256 Ascension NFTs — with these, you get 1 power point for your Shadowcore avatar and 0.5 power points for your hero avatar.

But it is the Omni NFT that is the rarest of them all. Again, holders will get all the same benefits included with the Gateway and Vista NFTs, but with 2 power points for the Shadowcore and Hero avatars and access to an exclusive Discord just for Omni holders.

In addition to all of these great in-game perks, one of the early benefits of being an Echocore NFT holder is access to the Writers Room and/or Artists Room, so you can get a first-hand look at the development of the story and avatars, as well as the chance to interact with creators.

The Equinox Launch Mission

Projects like Echocore take the potential of crypto to new heights with exciting new use cases. This cutting-edge technology propels society forward and motivates us to act as incubators and supporters for disruptive, world-changing ideas. We’re maximizing humankind’s full potential and growth by teaming up with other visionaries in the real-world crypto space and creating virtual spaces that combine music, art, technology, and blockchain education. Please join us for the live launch event. Stay tuned to our social media channels, as we’ll be releasing more information soon.

A new season is upon us. We hope you’re ready.

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