It’s time to raise the game. NFT4Play has landed.

The world turns, the seasons change, but here on planet Equinox, one thing stays the same. We’ll always have an exclusive, status-quo defying launch in the pipeline, and today is no different. We’re preparing to bring the Play-to-Earn (P2E) iGaming platform, NFT4Play, to our community — and the future looks bright.

The experience

This will be an INO like no other. Immersive, educational, and full of unforgettable entertainment, the NFT4Play launch is set to take participants on a meaningful journey into the metaverse and beyond. Expect show-stopping performances, chances to form deeper connections with the community, and an interactive challenge complete with the chance to win more than 50 exclusive prizes. As always, our signature live stream experience will run in conjunction with the funding round of the INO, creating a uniquely inclusive opportunity for everyone to be part of the launch day magic.

The performances

It wouldn’t be an Equinox INO without taking time to showcase some of the incredible talent from our community — and we’re thrilled to welcome two unique performers to help us celebrate NFT4Play.

First up, model and DJ, Ignatius Camilo (also known as Iggy) will bring his eclectic musical prowess to the stage. After humble beginnings playing at Goa’s beach shacks, Iggy has gone on to play at underground and commercial venues and festivals in London, Germany, France, Spain, Belgium, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Croatia. Boasting India’s largest vinyl collection and regularly playing more than 40 styles of music, this seasoned DJ promises flare, fashion, and fire.

Also joining the infamous Equinox stage will be Julian, a professional digital artist hailing from Switzerland. Known for his use of geometric shapes and lines, Julian is inspired by everything from daily life to popular culture. With an oeuvre that encompasses digital illustrations as well as analogue paintings, sculptures, and other installations, Julian has a talent for capturing the essence of his subjects with simplicity and sensuality. His work has been shown and collected by numerous galleries and festivals, including JKF and Basel, with a recent collaboration seeing some of his drawings used as prints for a Swiss clothing brand.

The challenge

During the live event, an interactive challenge will give all community members the chance to win an exclusive NFT. As a huge fan of both iGaming and NFTs, NOX has joined many different platforms — but none as versatile as NFT4Play. Just by being a member of NFT4Play, NOX receives weekly medals that can be used to mint the NFT cards needed to play in tournaments.

There are five types of medal: Green, Silver, Gold, VIP, and Legendary, with each one allowing players to mint a card of the same color. Green, Silver, and Gold medals also give players a five percent chance of winning an NFT on the level above.

Participants must watch carefully during the livestream on January 7th, looking out for medals appearing on Planet NOX. To be in with a chance of winning, players should spot the medal and identify its corresponding NFT card. Some of the medals will bear trophy symbols, indicating that NOX got lucky and used them to earn a higher tier card.

You need to enter your answers into the Google Form including the two additional questions and submit them within 24 hours. The first ten correct answers will win a $100 allocation plus a Legendary Card worth $500. The next five will win a VIP Card, the following ten a Gold Card, and the 25 after that a Silver Card. Any further correct answers will be awarded a Green Card.

The IDO event flow

About NFT4Play

NFT4Play is a P2E, members-first iGaming platform with meaningful, multi-layered rewards. Complete with NFT-based gaming, leaderboards, PVP betting, and membership pools, this is a powerful community of players who are set to revolutionize the world of gaming.

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About Equinox

Equinox is a groundbreaking IDO launchpad experience, giving entrepreneurs a fair, decentralized platform from which to launch frontier technologies and concepts

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