Join us for the epic launch of DopeWarz!

Another immersive moment is upon us, as Equinox prepares to launch the first ever deal-to-earn metaverse game on the Binance smart chain. That’s right, DopeWarz is here, and it’s going to be unforgettable.

The project

DopeWar is a unique MMO gaming experience, giving players the chance to buy and sell virtual drugs, create and expand their drug empire, build their influence across different CityZ and BlockZ, and upgrade a range of in-game characters and facilities.

Taking inspiration from the original ’90s Drug Wars and Drug Lord games, DopeWarz is nostalgic escapism at its best — combining the hedonistic highs of the street with the ability to earn real-world money as you play.

It’s landed, and we can’t wait for our Equinauts to experience it!

The launch party

Equinox IDOs are immersive, status-quo-challenging experiences that go beyond a simple countdown to provide next-level education and entertainment. The DopeWarz live stream will be carefully curated to run in conjunction with the funding round of the IDO, creating the perfect community centered experience for every audience member.

This experiential style of marketing allows communities and investors to develop deeper, more meaningful connections with the featured projects, as music, art and education combine to create an inclusive, creative environment from start to finish — and beyond.

With unique performances and engaging challenges adding an empowering edge to each experience, Equinox launches are places for free expression, hope and continuous improvement for all.

We channel energy, passion and party spirit into every launch, always looking for ways to evolve our offering and celebrate in style. Every IDO experience is an opportunity to connect the digital and physical worlds, open up new possibilities and, of course, have a whole lot of groundbreaking fun.

An exclusive performance

We’re thrilled to be joined by legendary performer, DJ Yella, who’ll be joining us to help celebrate DopeWarz in style.

About DJ Yella

Combining passions for music, rap and film with a pioneering spirit and unmatched charisma, DJ Yella brings vibrant energy and DJ-ing prowess to the Equinox space. Hailing from California and boasting an impressive back catalogue of collaborations, his vibe promises a diverse journey through funk, hip-hop, electro and more. Prepare for DJ Yella to light up the launchpad with a set full of street style and swagger.

The DrugHunt

If that wasn’t enough, we’re also inviting community members to hit the virtual streets during Nox’s set, and take on a unique launch challenge for the chance to win 250 BUSD and a $100 allocation. To participate, you’ll need to tune into the launch and keep track of Nox as they sell drugs and bank the cash. The names of different drugs (Snow, Ice, Skittles and Grass) will appear on screen during Nox’s DJ set, and you’ll need to add up the values correctly and enter the total into our Google Form to be in with a chance of winning. If no one (or not enough people) get the answer spot on, we’ll award prizes to those closest to the overall total

Snow is worth 100 $DDZ, Ice is 60 $DDZ, Skittles are 10 $DDZ, and Grass is 5 $DDZ. You can access the form here, and it’ll stay open for 30 minutes after the event finishes.


Location: Planet Nox

Date: 1 Dec 2021

(all times UTC)

5.00am — Participation round closes, NFT snapshot taken

9.00am — Whitelist announcement

11.00am — Pools open for summer and lottery winners

11.00am — Welcome lounge, Nox introduces Dopewarz

11.05am — Main arena, DJ Nox and the DrugHunt

12.00pm — DJ Yella

12.00pm — FCFS pools open

16.00pm — Listing

16.30pm — Redeem

Find out more about DopeWarZ at:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Discord

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