Journey out of this world and into a 3D beta universe with DigiCorp

The Winter Solstice is upon us, and in its honour, we’re proud to introduce a brand-new world for our next IDO. On December 21st, we can’t wait to bring the almighty DigiCorp to our community — this time with a trailblazing 3D beta world set to take every participant on an unforgettable immersive journey.

The experience

Every Equinox launch seeks to challenge the status quo and create an inclusive, immersive experience — and for this IDO, we’re taking it one step further. The DigiCorp launch will feature a 3D beta world — a captivating virtual space containing six unique rooms to explore. First up, the Welcome Lounge will allow participants to watch a short introductory video, explore past launches and learn more about Equinox itself. From here, guests can move into the second space, ‘Enter the DigiMetaverse’, where they’ll be greeted by the DigiMetaverse Goddess and given the chance to access a range of portals to other rooms.

The Main Stage will host the Planet NOX livestream, DJs and community performers — an immersive NFT Gallery will allow the community to explore the Equinox collection. The final two rooms will be a project exhibition area, complete with gamification and interactive opportunities to learn more about DigiCorp, as well a room focusing on sovereign identity, where participants can dive deep into one of DigiCorp’s core values through videos, images. Throughout all rooms people can engage with AR as part of a curated treasure hunt.

It’s all about giving our community members the chance to step into the world of DigiCorp and experience this incredible project first hand, sharing in the progress, freedom, and security it seeks to unlock through the metaverse.

The performances

We’re proud to welcome two unique community performers to share their talents with us in this groundbreaking launch. First up, professional contemporary dance artist, Kseniia Matsehora, will bring her unique choreography to the Equinox stage. A Ukrainian mother of two who has performed in China, Turkey, India, and Georgia, Kseniia’s style is inspired by everything from Michael Jackson to Gaga dance.

We’ll also be joined by DJ and record collector, Trainee, who’s lived in Berlin since 2015. With a versatile yet eclectic style influenced by the sights and sounds of the German capital, Trainee has performed in venues including Tresor, Fitzroy, Suicide Circus, and the Festival Simulator.

The challenge

During the live event on December 21st, an exclusive challenge in the 3D Beta World will give all community members the chance to win a massive $250 worth of $DGMV allocation. To take part, participants must activate AR experiences found on $DGMV tokens and decipher a message from the DigiMetaverse Goddess.

The message will be revealed by finding and scanning QR codes, which will be found on $DGMV tokens hidden in the rooms. Each QR code will lead players to a series of AR challenges, which must be completed to reveal a word. Put together, these words will form the Goddess’s message to the people. All our community members have to do is enter them into the Google Form in the right order, and they’ll be in with a chance of winning.

Smartphone users can click the tokens to access the AR experiences, while desktop users should scan each code with their smartphone. The 3D beta world will open at the start of the live stream and close at the end of the day.

The IDO event flow

About DigiCorp

DigiCorp is here to deliver the DigiMetaverse: a blueprint for the inherently secure, people-centric, value creation-focused web of tomorrow. Its mission is to build a collaborative, transparent future full of decentralized solutions from which communities, businesses, and institutions across the world can benefit. Made up of three elements — DigiThree, DigiLife and DigiWare & DigiAcademy — DigiCorp focuses on the diverse needs of enterprises, consumers, and developers, bringing bespoke solutions designed to protect and elevate each audience into the digital future.

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Website | Twitter | Telegram

About Equinox

Equinox is a groundbreaking IDO launchpad experience, giving entrepreneurs a fair, decentralized platform from which to launch frontier technologies and concepts.

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Grow is a full-stack marketing and incubation service helping crypto start-ups bridge the knowledge gap and communicate with the world.



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