Lucrosus Capital: Scouring Web3 For Projects With Potential

2 min readAug 31, 2022


Equinox and Lucrosus Capital are partnering up on a mission to empower our communities by identifying promising Web3 projects.

Lucrosus Capital is a DAO Venture Capital organization led by an experienced and accomplished team, including Founder and CEO, Peter Barbachowski. Peter has more than 5 years’ experience investing in and developing successful projects within the blockchain space and is a visionary who shares Equinox’s vision for the future of Web3. Lucrosus has already teamed up with major names in Web3, including GOTBIT, CLS, Jacque Law, Adshares, Alpha Capital, and Assay Group.

Lucrosus Capital empowers individuals by providing access to early funding rounds of carefully selected projects, via the use of their native LUCA token. Their unique AI algorithm allows them to spot promising blockchain projects at the early stages of their development and when backing such ventures, Lucrosus Capital offers meaningful relationships, marketing knowledge, and professional IT support provided by more than 120 specialists. It is this careful selection process, coupled with their holistic approach to project support, which ensures that selected projects deliver high-quality products, significantly improving their chances of success.

What Makes Our Partnership With Lucrosus Capital Important?

In the current global financial climate, the bar for success in Web3 has been raised significantly, compared with the continuous growth that many projects experienced riding the bull market wave. Now that a great many assets have experienced notable price corrections, investors are erring on the side of caution when selecting new projects for investment, and significantly reducing risk in their decisions.

It is a challenge to identify projects that are truly built around groundbreaking ideas, led by trustworthy teams, and that show real potential, especially at the very early stages of their development. By entering into this strategic partnership with Lucrosus Capital, we will be expanding our network of contacts as well as gaining access to their unique AI algorithm and experienced team. We fully believe this will result in us expanding our search range for the best new up-and-coming projects in the Web3 space.

By combining our efforts, we will be able to reach more projects and provide them with a wider range of services, which will translate to improving the quality of projects within Web3, thereby accelerating its adoption and offering better opportunities to both our communities.



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