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What is Noxstarter?

Noxstarter is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of Web3, offering unique benefits tailored to gamers, those seeking opportunities to acquire Web3 assets, and project developers. Transcending the traditional launchpad concept, it provides a blueprint for the next step in the evolution of platforms offering access to early project onboarding.

As a gamer, you can access game releases and assets, exclusive deals, and perks for early adopters. Get into an advantageous position with early access to the best upcoming games, play with others, and gain in-depth knowledge of game mechanics and Web3 elements from a wealth of educational content, helpful content creators, and your fellow community members.

For those looking for opportunities in Web3, Noxstarter offers access to exclusive prefunding rounds, detailed insights into selected projects, and a quality-over-quantity selection process, ensuring you don’t waste time searching for great projects — Noxstarter has already done the work for you.

Equinox Ecosystem is more than a go-to-market partner for Web3 projects, with support going beyond providing initial strategic exposure and funding opportunities through Noxstarter and its extensive network. Game developers can focus on creating groundbreaking gaming experiences, while Equinox attracts and educates users, ensuring they understand and appreciate all aspects of the game, ultimately driving success and growth for the project, which benefits everyone involved.

Noxstarter Process

The Noxstarter Process was carefully designed by the experienced Equinox team, whose members have been in the space since 2012 and have successfully launched numerous projects across three launchpads, including Star Atlas at Apollo X, and 27 distinct projects at Equinox. Not only that, but as gamers, investors, and developers of in-house IPs, the team understands the space from various different angles.

The platform and its process were carefully designed to enhance the user experience for accessing early opportunities in Web3 projects. The priority has been placed on ease of use and user convenience, as well as offering fair and inclusive access to these opportunities.

Key Features of the Noxstarter Process:

Fair Tier Allocations: Tier allocations are determined based on the weight of NOX locked in them, ensuring a fair distribution of tokens.

Lottery System: The lottery system allows participants to generate extra tickets, each with a winning chance and stackable allocation. This provides the opportunity to secure higher allocations than typically available at their tier level.

Automated Queue-Based System: This system eliminates FCFS rounds, offering a much more equitable share of the bonus allocations without requiring users to be online at any particular day and time.

Noxstarter Process:


There are several ways to secure access to Noxstarter in one of the 10 access tiers:

Hold NOX — All NOX you bought, won, or earned, as well as NOX you will be able to claim from your purchased NFTs, already count towards your tier access. You can enjoy your token utility before its launch.

💡When NOX will become claimable, you will need to claim and stake your tokens to make them count towards your tier access.

🔔Get your access in a limited opportunity to secure NOX at a discount in the Public Round:

Access Pass NFTs — Only available to gifted NFT holders, these already count towards your access, setting up a baseline for your tier access calculations and counting any NOX you have on top of it.

Free Access — A limited number of tickets across tiers 1–8 will be offered as rewards in giveaway campaigns and other events. Additionally, you might get access to any unsold allocations by participating in Tier 0 with no requirements.

💡More Details:


Tier System

NOX Token

Public Round Details



Buy NFTs

💡To see the details of your current tier access click here, connect your wallet, and select the “My Contributions” tab.

Don’t miss the limited opportunity to secure NOX at a discount in the Public Round:


You can learn about projects coming to Noxstarter from our social media channels or directly from the Noxstarter dashboard.

Noxstarter provides a detailed overview of each project and the opportunity offered on the platform. Check the deep-dive article in “About” tab and token details in “Tokenomics” tab within project’s details. Noxstarter also provides links to the official social media channels, websites, and documents of each project, allowing you to conduct your own research.

💡We encourage everyone to seek detailed knowledge of the projects you are planning to commit funds to.

💡More Details:

Equinox Social Channels



Commit funds to a secure escrow contract during the prefunding period to participate in the sale.

How much funds should I prefund?

It’s entirely up to you! If there is a maximum limit for how much you can prefund, it will be shown on the prefunding console.

There is no guide to what the typical allocation is, as maximum limits are achievable, so typical ticket size could mislead you, resulting in a smaller allocation if followed.

Prefund as much as you would like to spend on the offered asset.

When should I prefund?

You can commit funds at any point during the prefunding period, which is typically 2 weeks. You can make multiple transactions within the prefunding period.

💡The earlier you prefund, the higher your chances for a larger allocation.

Your prefunding transaction’s timestamp determines your place in the queue for the automated distribution of additional allocations from unsold tokens. This applies to participants in all tiers (0–10).

If you participate in tiers 1–8, you will generate lottery tickets within your tier. You get 1 ticket with your 1st prefunding transaction, and you generate 1 more every day from locking the minimum amount of funds until the end of the prefunding period. The minimum contribution to start generating additional tickets depends on the tier access, typically:

⬩T1 — $5
⬩T2 — $10
⬩T3 — $20
⬩T4 — $50
⬩T5 — $100
⬩T6 — $150
⬩T7 — $200
⬩T8 — $500

Prefunding for Bravo Ready’s $READY token live now:

Base Allocations — Round One

At the end of the prefunding period, the total token allocation for the Equinox Community is divided fairly across all tiers, based on the relative NOX weight locked in each tier. The more total NOX held by users in any given tier, the bigger portion of allocation assigned to it. This also determines allocations per winning ticket in each tier 1–8, and individual guaranteed allocations in tiers 9 & 10.

The lottery is run at the end of the prefunding period, separately in each tier. There is no limit to the number of winning tickets per participant, and allocations from each winning ticket stack.

💡 Learn more about the lottery system from our guide.

Base guaranteed allocations are distributed automatically across all T9 and T10 participants.

Bonus Allocations — Round Two

If participants do not provide enough funds to match their allocations in the 1st round, the unsold allocations move to the 2nd round, where they are distributed automatically according to the queue-based system.

This replaces the FCFS rounds and allows for a more equitable distribution of bonus allocations, offering a better user experience.

💡Learn more about the whole process and queue-based distribution from our guide.

Any unsold tokens available after the demand from Tiers 1–10 participants is met, are offered to Tier 0 participants according to the same queue-based distribution system.


Following the distribution of individual allocations, participants can claim any excess funds they committed, which were not met with the token allocation.

Purchased tokens are then distributed based on project-specific terms and vesting schedules. Information on where, when, and how to claim the purchased tokens will be provided in the project details on Noxstarter and across our social media channels.

Check Noxstarter’s line-up at and stay tuned for announcements of new upcoming projects.




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