Spark Era - Take The Helm! Starship NFTs incoming.

5 min readAug 2, 2022


Spark Era Spaceship NFTs at Equinox

This week, in line with the new Launchpad process we are currently developing, the Equinox Community will have a chance to vote on whether the Spark Era Spaceship NFT Loot Boxes INO is launched on Equinox Launchpad.

To have your say on the matter, simply complete this form.

Spark Era will release 5,000 spaceships within its Original Collection, 2,000 of which will be sold in the current sale round, at $200 per Loot Box, to companies and private investors. A further 2,500 will be sold in a second sale round at a higher price (exact price TBC), while 500 will be allocated to gaming events and for marketing purposes.

Each Loot Box will contain 1 of the 16 different types of spaceship, each of which has been assigned one of the 4 rarity levels (Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary), affecting both its combat statistics and the amount of Hero Card slots.

NFTs will be required to access the Web3 version of the game and unlock Play-and-Earn potential. NFTs from the Original Collection will provide additional benefits to early adopters, including:

  • Daily wear off +10%
  • Early access to Beta
  • Early supporter skin
  • Discord NPC AI access

Introducing…Spark Era!

A new Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game from Firework Games is coming, and the universe is immense and dark.

Spark Era combines cruel confrontations and space exploration, all under the auspices of a fickle Dark Forest Law.

Four Camps Fighting to Win

The universe has been divided into four camps, locked in confrontation: Confederacy of Earth; Amda Empire; Oman Swarm; and Eternal Protoss.

In the fight for glory, the camps gather and unify their own gamers, form guild systems, hatch battle strategies, and upgrade rare starships.

And in that fierce battle for the ascendancy, each confrontation lets gamers earn rivalry revenue and accumulate glory value for their own camp.

But, every season, random events happen and new cruel rules drop in from the Dark Forest Law.

At the end of each season, the camp with the highest Glory Value wins the prize. These seasonal rewards are shared across the chains and settled for players in real time. A winning streak in Spark Era means a win in the real world.

Enter: Spark Era

When you’re born in Spark Era, you are assigned to your own camp and allocated energy based on the assets you have in the game.

Inside the game, you can choose to build a planetary empire with friends, or join a guild. The guilds give their members common in-game assets like NFT cards, planet control power, and starships, all of which are linked through the transparency and safety of blockchain.

But what’s not transparent is the Interstellar Fog under Dark Forest Law, which means nobody knows who the other gamers are, or to whom they’re allied. Picking a fight can be a risky business.

If you fight and win, you can capture your opponent’s NFTs, occupy their planet, and win battle profits. But if you lose, you lose it all.

And while the fights between gamers might be cruel, the battles between guilds are even more brutal. Losses and rewards are magnified many times over as these massive-scale battles rage.

Free Play Is Still Fun Play

Spark Era will provide a Free-to-Play option for Web2 players who are not interested in Play-and-Earn mechanics. Choosing this option will grant you a free basic starship when you join, which lets you trade, mine, deck battle, and take part in other in-game activities.

This means that even free users get a real taste of the universe under Dark Forest Law. This is a vital principle at the heart of Firework Games — the belief that the world of entertainment should be inclusive and fun for everyone.

To access Play-to-Earn potential, you will need a blockchain wallet and Spark Era NFTs.

NFTs Supercharge the Battleground

In the Spark Era game world, the construction and development of the ecosystem is guided by GameFi and NFT sovereign assets.

You can get these NFTs by opening loot boxes from the in-game interstellar traders. But there’s also the opportunity to go to the auction house to buy NFTs from other players or join a guild and rent them through smart contracts.

Spark Era’s NFTs are designed to be functionally universal. This means they will be used in other games of the Firework Games multiverse in future, empowered with more functions and possibilities.

They will be truly powerful, multi-utility NFTs.

Gameplay That Mirrors the Real Universe

The real universe has been expanding since the very dawn of time; growing ever outwards, changing. Spark Era’s universe is designed to mimic this, with randomly distributed resources and interstellar space based on the current observable universe.

As a member of one of the four camps, you’ll play as a star citizen of one of many races spread across the galaxies.

The opportunities in the Spark Era universe are vast:

  • Pilot more than 1,000 kinds of ship
  • Explore more than 20,000 galaxies
  • Find more than 100 million planets
  • Colonize and get economic benefits on 500,000 planets
  • Take part in colonial and planet construction on 50,000 planets

With Spark Era, up to 200,000 people can enjoy the online entertainment at the same time, fighting for ascendancy in real time, in the same universe.

Firework Games

Firework Games aspires to be the most revolutionary and future-focused blockchain gaming platform around. Exploring strange new worlds and seeking out new communities, their vision is to create an inclusive, diverse game world based on blockchain technology. Put simply, they want to change the whole of the game industry in our society.

There’s even technical and platform support on offer for developers, as well as funding and community governance during the process.

In Firework Games, everyone can create, play and enjoy their own role in a parallel world.

(Spark Era is rated Adults Only: 18+ for blood, fantasy violence, mildly suggestive themes and use of alcohol and tobacco. Online interactions not rated by the ESRB.)




A fresh start, a new dawn and an improved launchpad service is near. Expect excellence. . .