The DigiMetaverse Goddess has spoken. Reveal her message and win big.

We’re gearing up for a launch like no other here at Equinox, as we prepare to take our immersive IDO experience to a whole new level.

As we launch DigiCorp — the DigiMetaverse trailblazers on a mission to build a collaborative, transparent future full of decentralized solutions for communities, businesses and institutions — we’re transforming the Nox stage into a captivating AR experience.

In this 3D Beta World, community members can explore four immersive rooms, learn in interactive ways and explore our launch project more deeply than ever before.

But it wouldn’t be an Equinox launch without an exclusive challenge to help us all unite in our shared mission — and as this multisensory world comes alive, we’re proud to invite our community to take part in something completely different.

How it works

For this very special challenge, we’ll be graced by the DigiMetaverse Goddess herself. She’ll join us with a secret message for the community, and it’s up to you to navigate the 3D Beta World and decipher it.

To take part, explore the six immersive AR rooms during the live stream of the event on December 21st. The world will remain open until the end of the day. Look out for five $DGMV tokens, all bearing a unique QR code to scan. The codes will take you to a series of AR puzzles, which you need to solve to reveal the words of the Goddess’s message. Solve all of the puzzles to find all the words, then put them in the right order and enter them into the Google Form.

In addition, take a screenshot of the Goddess within the AR experience and tweet it tagging @digicorplabs and @Equinox_Launch. Make sure to add your tweet link the Google Form.

That’s your chance to win $250 worth of $DGMV allocation.

Smartphone users can click the tokens to access the AR experiences, while desktop users should scan each code with their smartphone. The AR world will open at the start of the live stream and close at the end of the day.

The form will be open until 22:00 UTC, and when it closes, all correct entries will go into a lottery. From there, 10 lucky entrants will be selected to win a $250 allocation for DigiCorp. We’ll get in touch with the winners via email, using the address If you’ve entered, make sure you look out for a message and respond within 24 hours to claim your prize. Fail to do so and we’ll select a new winner, so please ensure you give us the right contact details, and don’t forget to keep an eye on your junk mail too!

About DigiCorp

DigiCorp is here to deliver the DigiMetaverse: a blueprint for the inherently secure, people-centric, value creation-focused web of tomorrow. Its mission is to build a collaborative, transparent future full of decentralized solutions from which communities, businesses and institutions across the world can benefit. Made up of three elements — DigiThree, DigiLife and DigiWare & DigiAcademy — DigiCorp focuses on the diverse needs of enterprises, consumers and developers, bringing bespoke solutions designed to protect and elevate each audience into the digital future.

Find out more at:

Website | Twitter | Telegram

About Equinox

Equinox is a groundbreaking IDO launchpad experience that gives entrepreneurs a fair, decentralized platform from which to launch frontier technologies and concepts. At the heart of Equinox is the belief that a new era of inclusive innovation is possible in the IDO space. And by harnessing the power of education, immersion, and genuine care for the future of our world, we’re making that belief a reality. The time for change is now.

Find out more at:

Website | Twitter | Announcements | Telegram




A fresh start, a new dawn and an improved launchpad service is near. Expect excellence. . .

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A fresh start, a new dawn and an improved launchpad service is near. Expect excellence. . .

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