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Asia & Europe Time Zone

Please send your CV via email to eda@equinox.fund. Only email applications will be accepted.

We’re now hiring an eager to learn-independent-solution focused-problem solving FrontEnd developer, who will work directly with the Lead Dev, to help us keep growing our marketplace and guild ecosystem.

The specific role will be improving and maintaining the launchpad, as well as the marketplace and guild ecosystem & building decentralized application admin tools to support it. If you’re excited to be part of a winning team, Equinox is a perfect place to get ahead.

Understanding blockchain technology and solidity language is a MUST.

Experience in Blockchain will be favorable.

Responsibilities for FrontEnd Developer

  • Experience with Web3 Javascript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS,
  • Experience with Solidity (ethers, JS, web3.js)
  • Ability to write clean and reusable code
  • Knowledge of security practices
  • Ability to Collaborate with the team members and bridge the gap between graphic design and technical implementation

Qualifications for FrontEnd Developer

  • 3+ years of experience in a similar role
  • Good understanding CSS frameworks like Tailwind, Material UI, Bootstrap
  • Experience with React and ecosystem
  • Proficient in code visioning tools

Must-have qualifications

  • How many years of work experience do you have using React.js?
    Ideal answer: 3
  • How many years of work experience do you have using JavaScript?
    Ideal answer: 3
  • How many years of work experience do you have using Solidity?
    Ideal answer: 2
  • What is your level of proficiency in English?
    Ideal answer: Professional
  • How many years of Software Development experience do you currently have?
    Ideal answer: 3

About Equinox

Equinox is a fully functional, harmonious digital ecosystem of decentralized applications and value-add services, comprising an NFT-based IDO Launchpad and a tokenized Marketplace and Gaming Guild. Designed to cultivate and accelerate growth in the Blockchain industry, Equinox supports all participants in an open platform structure that facilitates education, community, development, and economic interaction amongst stakeholders.

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