We’re going on a Buddy Hunt

As the Affyn Launch Event moves into the future and the metaverse, it’s only right that our treasure hunts evolve, too. So, we’re moving from our old 2D model to an even more immersive 3D quest that will make our treasure hunts even more thrilling than before.

Our newest launch is for those of you who are looking for a mobile gaming experience with a difference, incorporating geolocation gaming with blockchain technology to bring players a truly immersive experience and a whole new world to explore. Affyn’s Metaverse, NEXUS, is a digital layer mapped to the real world that allows players to take part in activities based on their real-world location. You can take part in campaigns, buy virtual real estate, and interact with ‘Buddies’ — cute characters with different attributes and properties.

Affyn’s gameplay has inspired the latest treasure hunt, which will take participants around the world on their quest to win!

How the Treasure Hunt Works

The first challenge will be to look out for Chukwa within the NOX Winter Betaverse. He is one of Affyn’s cute Buddies, and the starting point of the hunt. Chukwa will give you a hint as to where to go next, and this hint will bring you to another hint. So, hint by hint, you’ll get closer to solving the mystery. Once you’ve followed all the clues and got the answer, put it in the Google Form here to be entered into the exclusive prize draw.

Out of all the correct answers, we will select 15 lucky winners via lottery, each of whom will receive a $200 allocation in the Affyn IDO.

When and Where

Where: NOX Winter Betaverse, accessible via Equinox website

When: 28.01.22 11:00am UTC - 20:00 UTC

We’ll get in touch with the winners via email, using the address info@equinox.fund — if you’ve entered, make sure you look out for a message and respond within 24 hours to claim your prize. If you fail to do so, we’ll select a new winner, so please ensure you give us the right contact details — and don’t forget to keep an eye on your junk mail too!

You can access the Buddy Hunt here or via the link shared on Twitter the day of the event.

Discover More About Affyn Here

Website | Twitter | Telegram

About Equinox

Equinox is a groundbreaking IDO launchpad experience that gives entrepreneurs a fair, decentralized platform from which to launch frontier technologies and concepts. At the heart of Equinox is the belief that a new era of inclusive innovation is possible in the IDO space. And by harnessing the power of education, immersion, and genuine care for the future of our world, we’re making that belief a reality. The time for change is now.

Find out more at:

Website | Twitter | Announcements | Telegram




A fresh start, a new dawn and an improved launchpad service is near. Expect excellence. . .

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A fresh start, a new dawn and an improved launchpad service is near. Expect excellence. . .

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