ZONE Launching on Equinox

Bringing the competitive spirit to blockchain

4 min readOct 24, 2021


Another innovative blockchain project is on the horizon!

Nox finds the biggest disruptors and creators to bring to the Equinox community, helping everybody thrive and move toward a better tomorrow.

Her search for frontier-breaking new projects has unearthed another incredible gaming-centered platform, and we’re excited to give it the exposure it needs to succeed.

The latest find: ZONE.

The Project

ZONE changes competitive gaming and social media as we know it. Their remarkable technology allows you to engage with other players from within a Discord server and even add friendly wagers. The protocol turns known games like chess, League of Legends, PUBG Mobile, and more into Play-to-Earn games by allowing competitors to play them for ALGO and ZONE rewards. And for the first time, owning a Discord server can pay off, as part of the fees from challenges go back to the server owners.

You’ll never want to play games the old way again!

Current Problem

The current model of gaming treats end-users as the product and stifles the competitive spirit. They engineer the games to give you a constant dopamine fix and keep you hooked but give you next to nothing in return. All the hours spent grinding and advancing ultimately lead nowhere for most people. Only a very small number of players end up making money from their time spent gaming.

The Discord ZONE and ZOBO Bot

ZONE is leveraging Discord, NFTs, and the Algorand blockchain to turn many available games into Play-to-Earn games, creating opportunities for players to be fairly rewarded for their dedication to playing.

The proprietary ZOBO bot can easily be added to any Discord server by the server owner to allow members to challenge each other to friendly competitions. Players can back up their trash talk and challenge people with a simple command in the chat line. If you’ve been perfecting your PUBG gameplay and you’re ready to dominate some friends, challenge them in the PUBG Mobile Discord server and put some ALGO tokens on the line to make it interesting.

The Discord server owners will be motivated to bring ZOBO to their members because, for the first time, they’ll get rewarded for managing the chaos. Being a server owner and trying to keep things from devolving into endless bickering and NSFW posts can be a stressful and unrewarding position. The PUBG Mobile server alone has over 500,000 members. That’s a lot of personalities to wrangle.

But 500,000 members are also many people who can challenge each other through ZOBO, with a portion of all those challenge transaction fees going back to the server owner. Managing all server members becomes a little more tolerable when you’re getting financial returns for the work.

ZONE Deflationary NFTs

The Algorand blockchain is a pure proof-of-stake smart contract blockchain that can handle 46,000 transactions per second and has a block finality time of about 2.5 seconds. ZONE uses the ALGO smart contracts to create a deflationary NFT power-up system that adds an extra gamification layer to the platform.

The NFTs start with loot boxes, randomized packs of NFTs you can buy at a set price. Opening new boxes is a thrilling experience as you never know what you’re going to get. Players can use these NFTs to access benefits such as payout multipliers and free transactions within gaming and wagering.

But you can also power up the NFTs themselves by collecting and combining them to move to the next reward level. When you combine lower-level tokens, they are burned forever to create the higher-level NFT with increased attributes. This deflationary mechanism reduces the supply of lower levels and adds inflationary pressure to the prices.

Some of the incredible rewards that come with NFTs include:

  • Tournament and Solo Challenge Payout Multipliers
  • Discount Loot Boxes
  • Staking Reward Multipliers
  • Transaction Fee Nullifiers
  • Airdrop Rewards

With ZONE, you can earn money dominating your opponents, then increase those reward payouts with their NFTs.

ZONE is well-positioned at the intersection of gaming, blockchain, and NFTs, three multi-billion-dollar markets. This is a project you won’t want to miss.

The Equinox Launch Mission

Projects like ZONE take the potential of crypto to new heights with exciting new use cases. This cutting-edge technology propels society forward and motivates us to act as incubators and supporters for disruptive, world-changing ideas.

We’re maximizing humankind’s full potential and growth by teaming up with other visionaries in the real-world crypto space and creating virtual spaces that combine music, art, technology, and blockchain education.

Please join us for the live launch event. Stay tuned to our social media channels, as we’ll be releasing more information soon.

A new season is upon us. We hope you’re ready.

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